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This page is dedicated to providing a free travel advice and information service to visitors to South Africa. The intention is to provided an unbiased, 'unsponsored' & independent view of South Africa as seen in the eyes of a local. We will also share our recommended service providers in all major categories relevant to tourists. The information shared herein is generally original, well researched and verified where possible but is the entire opinion of Sandton Taxi Cabs (Pty) Ltd, a taxi service company based in Johannesburg. Where particular sources have been used for information, these will be acknowledged and referenced accordingly at the end of this article. The article will have a slight bias in terms of depth of analysis toward Johannesburg and Cape Town, its two major cities in terms of significance locally and interest with tourists.

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About South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is a large coastal country at the bottom-most tip of Africa. Contrary, to the ignorant assumptions of some people overseas, South Africa is not a continent like South America, it is just one of the 54 countries that make up the African Continent! South Africa is the beacon of Africa in terms of its development, infrastructure, standard of living, democracy and can indeed be compared to some countries in the Western World. Most South Africans can speak and understand English despite the fact that there are 11 official language. English, by default, has become the unifying language across all tribes and races. It is no wonder that South Africa is referred as the Rainbow Nation because of its  multicultural diversity comprising local Blacks, Whites, Coloureds, Indians, Chinese, inter alia. 

Further details to follow in due course as the article is being built up...

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